Graphite crucibles - four categories
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Graphite crucibles are generally classified into four categories.

Main graphite products: graphite column, graphite rod, graphite powder, graphite mold, graphite crucible, graphite parts, graphite, graphite bearing, graphite bush, graphite rotor, graphite protective sleeve.

Four categories

1. Pure graphite crucible. Carbon content is generally more than 99.9% , made from pure graphite materials by turning process.

2. Clay graphite crucible. It is made of natural graphite powder, clay and other binder oxidation resistant materials by rotational molding. It is nearly eliminated in Chinese market, but in Southeast Asia it is still used. The price is the lower.

3. Silicon carbide graphite crucible. It is made of natural graphite powder, silicon carbide, aluminum trioxide and so on. It is rotated and formed with anti-oxidation layer. The service life of the silicon carbide graphite crucible is about 3 - 8 times as long as that of the clay graphite crucible. Volume density ranges from 1.78 to 1.9g/cm3.

4. Silicon carbide graphite crucible, isostatic pressing. Industry benchmarks are Morgan Crucible, Vesuvius Crucible, Black Bear Crucible, Volcanic Crucible, Mammoth Crucible and other European and Japanese brands. The quality is quite good. The life of isostatic pressing crucible is generally 3-5 times than that of rotating silicon carbide graphite crucible. It is most suitable for smelting copper, aluminum, zinc, lead and other metals.