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3D glass metal frame is the trend of mobile phone shell development in the future. The design and manufacture of graphite mould is of great significance in the hot bending of 3D glass, so what problems exist in the process of graphite mould? What kind of processing conditions should be available? How is the future processing mode developing? 

What are the main categories of graphite molds? Carbon graphite, EDM graphite mold, hot bending glass mold, special graphite, electrode graphite 



First One-3D glass graphite mold processing phenomenon 

Based on more than a year of cooperation with many graphite mold factories (suppliers) and technical personnel’s visit the investigation, we found the following phenomena exist in the process of graphite mould processing:

1, Unreasonable tool clamping method at present

Graphite mold processing equipment is used in the barrel clamp type of hilt; such a handle will have gaps, as shown in the following figure. Graphite processing produces dust, elastic clamp type of lock nozzle has gaps, easy to penetrate the extrusion dust, resulting in tool clamping accuracy failure affecting the processing quality. 

2. Selection of unreasonable tool processing graphite materials 

Many enterprises will choose cheap tools because of the cost of the problem, no cost-effective advantage, can’t meet the high efficiency of processing parameters; for enterprises using non-diamond coated graphite knife, wear is serious when machining tool, and can’t guarantee the quality of processing; tool life is too short, Will make the surface size of the processing working piece not uniform, the finish is very poor, the product bad rate is very high; the frequency of knife change, will affect the effective production of equipment, affecting the productivity.


3. Unscientific tool life management methods

Many operators observe tool wear by feeling, experience or directly with the naked eye, and there is no clear record of the actual cutting life of the tool, which makes the product poor due to the lack of grasp of the wear degree of the tool. 

4. No precision guarantee to the knife way

Graphite mold processing equipment more use of contact-type knife way. However, this way on the tool accuracy level is not high, and the dust backlog on the knife will affect the surface to the tool accuracy. Contact to the knife precision for a long time contact on the blade surface, the concentration of a point to produce wear, will also affect the accuracy of the knife. 


Second, high-quality graphite mold should have the processing conditions

1: Selection of high-precision, sealing effect of the equipment

Graphite mold workshop maintain a clean, no dust leakage, and must choose a better sealing equipment; graphite mold processing accuracy level, depending on the choice of a high-quality graphite processing equipment.


2. Graphite tool selection of the correct clamping method 

Using thermal shrinkage tool is more suitable for graphite material processing, the use of this way dust can’t penetrate into the inside of the hilt, and has better processing steel and stability, processing accuracy level is also higher. 

3. Graphite mold processing using a higher precision on the knife way 

Different with contacting to the knife mode, laser type to the knife instrument has a higher precision on the knife way, is an instrument which use above on CNC. Its main advantages are: High repeatability (the repetition accuracy of the trigger point is: 1.0μm); robustness (sealed according to IPX8 standard, strong anti-cooling and cutting capacity); reliability (the latest electronic technology and mature probe structure); convenience (industrial standard software, no special maintenance required). 


4. The precision detection of the tool before machining

Use the professional testing instrument to detect the diameter tolerance of the cutter, the arc precision of the ball cutter and the R angle precision of the round nose knife before processing to determine whether the tool meets the requirements.

5. Development of powerful programming software, superb graphite programming technology

One of the most important features of graphite mould processing is the powerful graphite programming software. 

Among there is software called Tebis, whose industry packs and professional application packages are designed for the ideal configuration of various related industry applications, such as models, mold manufacturing, industrial design and mechanical manufacturing, laser cutting or cutting and milling. These packages are available at different price levels: Users can choose an industry pack or professional app package and add extensions to their needs. At present, Tebis Software has also begun to upgrade 3D glass graphite mold. 

6. Selection of high-quality, wear-resistant graphite tool

Processing graphite mold tool for graphite mold processing process is very important, directly determines the good rate of graphite mold. So how do we choose high-quality graphite molds? You can start with the following three aspects. 

1) Graphite tool surface coating characteristics-diamond coating

In the past single-layer diamond coating technology can’t achieve idealized tool life, surface coating thickness has certain limitations, the coating quickly wear and tear directly wear the knife body. Therefore, a new breakthrough of diamond multilayer composite coating technology solves this problem. Using NANO composite diamond coating, the coating thickness problem is solved, and the coating thickness can be 8μ or more, which increases the wear resistance of graphite cutter.

2) Graphite tool accuracy requirements

In addition to surface coating, graphite tool accuracy requirements are also very high. In addition to the diameter to remain within the tolerance range, like a ball knife, round nose knife still want to ensure its R angle. For the R angle, need to select a higher precision device for detection. 


3) Strict graphite tool appearance testing standards

More stringent graphite tool appearance testing standards need to be developed, such as the tool to amplify 200 to 500 times the diameter for checking the cutting edge of the tool, the tip of the knife if there is a micro-deficiency and coll


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