Correct operation maintain good performance of graphite crucibles
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Graphite crucible (high-grade refractory vessel made of natural flake graphite, wax, silicon carbide, etc. for smelting, casting copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, gold, silver and various rare metals) and crucible furnace is an integral that cannot be separated. Increasing the working efficiency of the furnace will also increase the working efficiency of the graphite crucible. The service life of graphite crucibles is related to usage. Its corrosion resistance, heat resistance and thermal stability are all based on formal operation. After use, place it in a dry place, avoid rainwater intrusion; use it slowly to 500 degrees Celsius before use.

      A strong oxidizing flame should be avoided to be sprayed directly onto the crucible, and the niobium material is oxidized for a short life.

      In fact, many of the rules for the operation of graphite crucibles are derived from the experience of the staff. I believe we will also summarize the operation methods that are more conducive to graphite crucibles.