Introduce Suzhou Dasen Electronics Material Co., Ltd. Some RFQ of thermal silicone pad material.
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The thermal conductive silicone pad is an electronic heat conductive medium material mainly used for filling the gap between the IC chip and the heat sink or the outer casing for heat transfer. It has good adhesion, electrical insulation properties, compression properties, and excellent thermal conductivity. In the industry, it is also called thermal silica gel pad, heat-dissipating silicone film, soft silicone thermal pad, high thermal conductivity silicone film and so on. I believe many friends will ask how the silicone thermal pad is made. The following Suzhou Dasen Electronics Co., Ltd electronic silicone thermal pad manufacturers will explain in detail the production process of the thermal silicone pad.

1: the raw material is stirred

The thermal conductive powder can be mixed in the organic silica gel to improve its thermal conductivity. The commonly used thermal conductive fillers are metal oxides and metal nitrides. In addition to adding thermal conductive powder, we also add coloring agents, flame retardants, curing agents and other auxiliary materials. Stir well.

2: vacuum heating

After the raw material is fully stirred, it is allowed to stand for a period of time, and then vacuum pumping is performed, and the air doped into the silica gel during the stirring is discharged, and then the high-temperature heat treatment is performed. This step is an essential preparation work before the heat-conductive silicone sheet is formed.

3: vulcanization molding

At this time, the silica gel sheet is still liquid and needs to be poured into a vulcanizing machine for high-temperature oil pressure processing. After secondary vulcanization molding, it can become a piece of heat-conductive silica sheet; after forming, the dust-proof release film on both sides can be used as a regular stock.

4: cutting and trimming

After being a sheet, customers of silica gel cannot be used directly. They need to be formed by die-cutting / cutting. Some customers need to increase the viscosity and insulation properties of silicone sheets. At this time, it is necessary to re-process the silica sheet and increase its Special performance.

5: finished product testing

After shaping the product may be a product on the thermal conductivity detection, test temperature, the coercive voltage test, tensile test, pressure test, hardness measurement, tack testing, visual inspection, etc. 12 detecting checks to ensure product quality when shipped.