Why use silicone thermal pad for power adapter plugs?
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Due to the existence of integrated circuits in the work of electronic products, a large amount of heat will be generated during operation. If there is no heat transfer of heat conduction boundary products, the internal temperature of the whole product will continue to rise, so that the shape of power adapter and other products will be unstable or damaged. Therefore, we will have a good heat dissipation system between the component shell and the integrated circuit (through thermal conductive pad or heat sink paste is used to conduct heat and release internal heat), so as to protect the product in a safe temperature environment.


The heat dissipation ways can be simply divided into passive and active heat dissipation:

Active heat dissipation: promote fluid circulation through external force to remove heat.

Passive heat dissipation: Based on the principle of physical heat expansion and contraction, the natural circulation heat dissipation of fluid or the specific heat capacity of solid fluid is used to absorb heat to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation.


How to use thermal silica pad:



Temperature rise process diagram:

Temperature control standard of power supply: the temperature of full load operation surface shall not exceed 50 ° C when tested at ambient temperature; no electronic components shall be damaged when the equipment is fully loaded for 72 hours at 60 ° C oven temperature; the power consumption and temperature rise of power supply products are inversely proportional.


Application scenario 1:

The main heating chip power and heat conduction interface material are heat conduction silica gel sheet

Heat source power: 1.5w-3w

Material: heat conductive silica gel sheet

Thermal conductivity: 0.8-1.2w/m.k

Usage: fill the gap between the diode and the aluminum plate radiator, and transfer the heat of MOS tube to the aluminum plate radiator


Application scenario 2:

Material: heat conductive silica gel sheet

Thermal conductivity: 0.8w/m.k

Thickness: 0.5-4mm

Usage: fill the tolerance gap between the aluminum plate radiator and the shell, conduct the heat on the aluminum plate radiator to the shell, and dissipate the heat through the shell.