What are advantages of thermal conductive silicone pad design for LED lamp?
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LED light conductive silicone pad is a product used in LED light, the main role is heat conduction. Therefore, our design needs to take into account the lighting part. The high-power LED lighting uses heat-conducting silicon film for heat conduction, heat radiation and natural air cooling for heat dissipation. According to the hatiz theorem of LED, when the working temperature is below 25 ℃, the service life of LED is 100000 hours, when the temperature is 25-50 ℃, the service life is 50000 hours, when the temperature is 50-75 ℃, the service life is 20000 hours, when the temperature is 75-100 ℃, the service life is 10000 hours, when the temperature is 100-125 ℃, the service life is 5000 hours, when the temperature is 125-150 ℃, the service life is 2000 hours. So the heat dissipation of LED devices and lamps has to be solved.



We are going to use thermal conductive silicone pad to transfer the heat generated by LED light source to the radiator, and then use the area of the radiator for heat radiation and air cooling. So our products have these 8 design advantages:

1. Insulation: the soft thermal conductive silica gel sheet has good insulation, and the electrical insulation index of 1mm thickness is more than 4000V. Due to the addition of metal powder, thermal conductive silicone grease has poor insulation.

2. Use: the size of the thermal conductive silicon film can be cut arbitrarily, with micro viscosity on both sides and strong operability. As long as the protective film is removed and directly applied, the tolerance is small, clean and labor cost is saved.

3. Aging resistance: the thermal conductive silicone sheet is in solid form. Compared with the thermal conductive silicone grease, the silicone oil is difficult to volatilize and has good aging resistance.

4. Form: the thermal conductive silicone grease is paste like, and the soft thermal conductive silicone pad is sheet material.

5. Thickness: as a heat-conducting material for filling gaps, the heat-conducting silicone grease is limited, and the thickness of soft heat-conducting silicone pad varies from 0.5-10 mm, with a wide range of applications.

6. Anti seismic: the thermal conductive silicon film is used for the direct plug-in led. If there are pins, the series of products with glass fiber cloth in the thermal conductive silicon film are soft and have good compressibility. It is an ideal gap filling material, which can play an anti-seismic effect in the transportation process.

7. Re-installation: the thermal silicone pad is slightly sticky, reusable and easy to re-install. The thermal silicone grease has strong viscosity, which is not convenient for disassembly and repair.

8. Thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity of soft thermal conductive silicone gasket and thermal conductive silicone grease are 1.9-3.0w/m.k and 0.8-3.8w/m.k, respectively.