High purity synthetic graphite powder with ultra-high thermal conductivity
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The synthetic graphite powder is crushed into powder by synthetic graphite sheet made by Jiangxi Dasen Technology, and the diameter of the graphite powder particle is about 1~2 mm.


Carbon content: 99.99%

Thermal conductivity 1200~1400 W/mK

Density: 1.95±0.1 g/cm3

In-plane Thermal Diffusivity:710-830mm²/s

Heat capacity(85): 0.870±0.01J/g/K


Storage conditions of synthetic graphite powder:

Storage temperature:5~30.

Do not expose low temperature (less than 0) and high temperature (over 40) and high humidity (over70%RH) and the direct rays of the sun.

Graphite powder’s unique physical properties:

1.strong electric and thermal conductivity

2.high purity

3.high crystalline structure

4.strong stability

5.high lubricity.


Application industries:

Lubricating material

Energy industry


Electric industry

Carbon brush industry

Thread component

Drilling equipment

Rubber and polymer composites

Packing box sealing industry