What materials are lightweight with good heat dissipation, widely used in base stations?
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Semi solid means that there are both liquid and solid metal materials. After continuous stirring, the apparent viscosity of the alloy is low and easy to deform. A small force can fill the mold cavity. Semi solid die casting is to use die casting machine to melt semi-solid metal into a certain shape of metal mold to form precision die casting. Its essential characteristics are high pressure and high speed.


Compared with the traditional die-casting technology, semi-solid die-casting technology can reduce the content of air holes in the die-casting, make the die-casting more compact, not only improve the thermal conductivity of the die-casting, but also make the case smaller and lighter, which has a wide range of applications in communication, including base station radiator, heat dissipation shell, mobile phone shell and fan blades. The results show that for the same power consumption chip, using semi-solid die casting, the temperature of chip case can be reduced by more than 7 compared with traditional die casting.


Roll bond plate is used for heat dissipation toothed piece, that is, surface treatment of aluminum plate of certain specification is carried out by chemical method, evaporator pipeline diagram is printed on the aluminum plate butt joint surface, after drying the drawing, the edge points are welded, after hot rolling, cold rolling and annealing, nitrogen is used for inflation, the aluminum plate pipeline is bulged on one side, and then the aluminum plate is cut and stamped. Roll bond plate has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, fast refrigeration speed and beautiful appearance. Its traditional use scenarios include refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers with refrigeration function, display cabinets, wine cabinets and it equipment with special heat dissipation requirements. The heat dissipating device combined with semi-solid die casting technology and roll bond plate technology is expected to become the mainstream application in 5G base station.