What is the solution of heat conduction silica gel in automobile industry?
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Market background

At present, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the lightweight requirements of new energy vehicles have become a trend. As one of the components in the battery pack of new energy vehicles, the lightweight requirements of silicone thermal pads have become more and more important.

Program details


The correct selection method of thermal conductive silicon film for battery pack of new energy vehicles - after the thermal conductive silicone pad meets the service life of new energy vehicles for more than 10 years and the reliability requirements, it is very important that the hardness and softness of the thermal conductive silicon film. Because the working environment of new energy vehicles causes the whole thermal conductive silicon film to work in a continuous vibration environment, in order to ensure the new energy vehicles under the working condition, the heat-conducting silicone sheet can always fit the battery case or the battery core. The heat-conducting silicone sheet with low hardness and good softness must be selected. Only if these two indexes are met, can the heat-conducting silicone sheet fit tightly in the new energy vehicle battery, ensure the effective heat transfer and shock absorption and buffer function of the new energy vehicle battery at all times.