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Thermal graphite film is a kind of very thin GTS, comprehensive thermal conductive material, also known as thermal graphite film, thermal graphite sheet, graphite heat sink and so on. The heat dissipation graphite film plays a role of heat insulation on PCB to some extent. On the one hand, it can even the heat and alleviate the local overheating inside the mobile phone. At the same time, it quickly diffuses the heat before it is transferred to the shell, so that the user does not feel too hot.

In this application, it is necessary to evaluate the heat generated by the heat source, the area of graphite cooling film and the final target temperature. If the heat source is too large, the lifting of the overall temperature of the mobile phone will still be concerned. On the one hand, the increase of the area of graphite heat sink film can increase its heat capacity, control its temperature lifting within a certain range and at the same time, increase the heat dissipation area, and accelerate the heat dissipation. Such applications can only be used in environments where the heat source is not too large. For example, mobile phones and PA handheld devices, after all, the area of the heat dissipation film is limited. If the heat is large, it is difficult to reach a balance with the heat source.


There is also an application environment that may not be related to heat itself. Due to the softness of graphite, the film-like heat sink needs to have a plane view, that is to say, it basically needs to be pasted on some parts, which is why we see its shadow on the shielding cover, the open PCB board and the LED board. At the same time, because of its good conductivity, it can play a better role Shielding effect. For our products, it is difficult to find an open structural surface to attach the graphite cooling film. If we want to apply it, we need to make a specific design.


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