What is a graphite crucible? Where to use the graphite crucible?
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Crucible, with crystal shape pure natural high-purity graphite as the main raw material, ductile fire-resistant clay as the adhesive, is made by mixing with different kinds of cement clinker. The key is used in the special carbon steel, rare metal melting and aluminum alloy flameproof graphite crucible. In terms of the characteristics and main uses of the products, graphite crucible is a component of the refractory and heat preservation materials.


Graphite crucible has excellent thermal conductivity and heat resistance. In the whole process of high temperature application, the coefficient of linear expansion is small, and it has certain strain resistance characteristics for rapid heating and chilling. It has strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkali aqueous solution and high quality organic chemical reliability.


Graphite crucible is widely used in metallurgical industry, forging industry, mechanical equipment, chemical plant and other industrial departments for its high-quality characteristics, as well as smelting of alloy structural steel, rare metals and aluminum alloys, and has good practical effect of safety engineering. The main raw material of graphite crucible is pure natural high-purity graphite with crystal shape, which maintains various physical and chemical characteristics of pure natural high-purity graphite.

At present, there are two kinds of production processes of graphite crucible in China: plastic deformation process and cold and other negative pressure process. The plastic deformation forming process with clay as adhesive has a long manufacturing period, high labor efficiency, low labor efficiency, burning with coal, and great environmental pollution. However, due to the small investment in the project, this process is mostly used in China. The negative pressure machine and equipment can inhibit the forming process by using green energy gas calcination, which can solve the environmental pollution problem in many ways and reduce the production system. There are nearly 10 manufacturing processes with short cycle time and high labor efficiency.