Ultra-thin vapor chamber
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The ultra-thin vapor chamber passively transfers heat to the plane of vapor chamber by internal two-phase evaporation and condensation. Vapor chamber can realize high heat transfer on its surface, even in the application of high heat flow density, it does not need any moving parts. Generally, vapor chamber can effectively conduct 10 to 50 times more heat than solid metal structure, and has higher plane conductivity than graphite for thicker applications.

Ultra-thin vapor chamber is an effective solution for uniform heat dissipation in small applications with high height. DSN's manufacturing process produces copper vapor chambers as thin as 0.4mm, which are very suitable for small applications with limited heat transfer or cooling space.



DSN's ultra-thin vapor chamber manufacturing process is strictly controlled to ensure negligible performance degradation throughout the product life cycle, and to ensure reliable functions. In addition, by using the tubeless filling process, we further reduce the volume that cannot be used for product function or heat transfer.


 Product details:

Container material 

C10200 (pure copper)
Phosphor bronze

Heat sink material 

C10200 (pure copper)
Phosphor bronze

Type of heat sink

Sintered powder
Silk screen
Chemical etching (suitable for special heat core shape)


Pure water
Other according to application requirements

Perimeter seal

Diffusion bonding
Laser welding

Total thickness

Minimum: 0.4mm
Depends on power requirements

wall thickness

Minimum: 0.1mm

Base forming

Chemical corrosion


Ultra-thin vapor chamber solution:

10 to 50 times higher thermal conductivity than solid metal;

High plane conductivity, ideal for uniform and efficient heat dissipation;

In thicker applications, the penetration (Z-axis) is higher than that of graphite;

Passive heat transfer components that can work without power supply;

Achieve higher reliability and longer product life;

May include a base for changing the height of the device;

Application specific custom shapes for layouts and geometry;

Through hole for equipment and vapor chamber installation;

Add suitable heat shields to protect nearby components;

Works with small blowers and radiators to provide a complete ultra-thin thermal management solution;

EMI / RFI absorption / shielding;

Thermo mechanical connection of ultra-thin vapor chamber with equipment and chassis using adhesive and thermal interface material;

Integrated electrical isolation and damping system.

Main industries:

Mobile electronics

·         handheld mobile devices

·         smartphone heat transfer

·         laptop CPU and GPU microprocessor


Consumer electronics

·         mobile gaming platforms and handsets

·         screen cooling for smart home devices


Electric vehicle

·         battery cooling and heat management

·         infotainment craze


·         human machine interface