Instructions for use of silicon carbide graphite crucible
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1. This silicon carbide graphite crucible should not be affected with moisture or touch water. If it has been unpacked and not used for a long time, it is recommended to use it after baking;

2. The graphite crucible is a vulnerable product, especially at high temperature. So please don’t knock it;

3. After using the crucible for a period of time, a white oxide layer will appear on the upper edge and become thicker and thicker, especially for customers who refine slag in the crucible. This oxide layer is thermally insulated and has a direct impact on the service life of the crucible, so please clean the oxide layer and aluminum precipitation regularly;

4. The use method of the crucible of the biological particle furnace:

1) Before using, fill the crucible with crushed materials and then preheated. Because the particle furnace is in a hurry, it is prevented that only the preheated empty crucible has no place to conduct heat, which leads to the rapid temperature rise of the empty crucible and causes the crucible to break;

2) Stop the furnace for half a day to lift the crucible, and clean the coking and carbon deposits outside the crucible and furnace ash with a grinding wheel after the crucible has been used for one month. So it can greatly improve the thermal conductivity of the crucible, save costs and prolong the service life of the crucible.

3) Turn the crucible at 90 degrees to prevent one fire from spraying. It is recommended to lift the crucible out every month for cleaning.

5. During shift change and eating, don't add too much cold broken material in the furnace. Because the cold material is easy to make the upper part of the aluminum liquid solidification, causing the upper cold and the lower heat to cause the upper part of the crucible to burst.

6. Please clean up the molten aluminum in the crucible when stopping the furnace to prevent the crucible from bursting when the temperature rises again.