Edge wrapping treatment of graphite sheet
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Reasons for edge wrapping of thermal conductive graphite sheet:

In fact, the reason why the thermal conductive graphite sheet needs to be hemmed is that the graphite sheet itself is conductive. Although the insulation effect is achieved after covering, when cutting the size and specification required by customers, the edge of the cut (die-cut) graphite sheet will drop off the graphite powder particles. After the graphite sheet is wrapped, it will better fit the heat source and prevent the falling of the graphite powder particles.

If it is used by customers to conduct heat conduction inside electronic products, and a small amount of thermal conductive graphite sheets fall off, which does not affect the normal operation of electronic equipment, it cannot be treated. However, if the graphite sheets fall off more, and the graphite powder particles fall on the electronic components in the process of use, the electronic components will be short circuited, which may lead to the damage of electronic components.