Thermal conductive silicone pad used in 5G Internet of things gateway
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Thermal interface material – silicone thermal pad used in 5G Internet of things gateway

Product: Internet of things gateway / board

Thermal interface material scheme:

Thermal conductive silicone pad: thermal conductivity = 3.0W/Mk, thickness = 3mm

Other typical applications of thermal silicone pad:

1.Car charger, DC / AC, DC / DC

2.Power module, memory module, high power supply module, sensor, Mosfets, IGBT

3.BMS, ECU electronic control unit and UPS control unit

4.Desktop computer, industrial computer, server, communication base station

5. Photovoltaic intelligent optimal controller 

6.Solid state disk, 5G Internet of things gateway, router, set-top box


As a professional brand of thermal management products in China, DSN provides a variety of thermal interface materials for electronic products in various fields, such as thermal conductive silica gel, thermal insulation pad, pyrolytic graphite sheet, etc., which can meet the heat conduction requirements of different products.

Meanwhile, DSN can provide heat dissipation products, thermal insulation materials, thermal storage materials, EMI electromagnetic shielding materials and other solutions related to the thermal management of electronic products.