Thermal conductive silica gel pad
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Power battery is the core of new energy battery. It is very important to ensure the stable and safe operation of lithium battery, so some methods are used for battery cooling. Lithium ion power battery is sensitive to temperature change, especially the large capacity and high power lithium-ion battery used in vehicles.

The high working current and high heat production of the battery will cause the temperature rise of the battery. If there is thermal runaway, the situation will be very dangerous.

In battery heat dissipation, air cooling structure, liquid cooling structure and natural convection heat dissipation are mainly used.


And all the heat dissipation methods need to use thermal conductive silicone pad. In addition to high voltage resistance, low hardness and good softness, the thermal conductive silicon pad of power battery should also have ultra-high fire resistance and whether it is alumina free abrasive.  


In the air-cooled structure, the heat that is not easy to emit from the top and bottom of the electrode is transferred to the metal shell through the thermal conductive silicon pad. Meanwhile, the high electrical insulation and anti-puncture performance of the silicon pad have a good protection effect on the battery pack. Natural convection heat dissipation: the battery pack has large space and good contact with the air. The exposed part can exchange heat naturally through the air, and the parts at the bottom that can't exchange heat naturally are dissipated by the radiator. The thermal conductive silicon gap pad fills the gap between the radiator and the battery pack to conduct heat, reduce vibration and insulate.