Why choose edge wrapping for die cut graphite sheet?
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With the characteristics of ultra-high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance and light weight, pyrolytic graphite sheet is a very popular thermal interface material in recent years. Graphite can conduct uniform heat conduction along two directions, so as to realize the function of rapid thermal diffusion. It can also shield heat sources and components and improve the performance of consumer electronic products.  But why the graphite sheet needs edge wrapped.

In fact, the reason why the graphite sheet needs to be edged is that the graphite itself is conductive. Although the insulation effect is got after coating, when cutting the size and specification required by customers, the edge of the die cut graphite sheet will drop graphite powder particles. After the graphite sheet is wrapped, it will better fit the heat source and prevent the falling of graphite powder particles. If it is used by customers to conduct heat inside electronic products, a small amount of thermal conductive graphite coating will not affect the normal operation of electronic equipment. However, if the graphite powder particles fall on the electronic components in the process of use, it will lead to short circuit of electronic components, which may lead to damage of electronic components.


Suzhou Dasen Electronic Material Co., Ltd. has realized the asynchronous die cutting process through technical innovation. Compared with the traditional composite graphite sheet process, the new graphite sheet edge coating process only combines with the protective film when the sheet is on the asynchronous die cutting outer frame, which reduces the stress on the sheet in the composite material, and makes the sheet more stable. It can avoid the irregular jumping distance of the two pieces for punching, and can complete the positioning of graphite sheet according to the punching cutting. The regular position of the hole for die-cutting, not easy to fall off, but also makes waste discharge more convenient. At the same time, only the first step is needed for positioning, which not only effectively improves the production efficiency, but also greatly improves the product qualification rate.