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How To Cool The Power Battery Of New Energy Vehicle?

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Lithium battery will seriously affect its charge discharge performance at low temperature. The reaction of charging is the polymerization of lithium ion to the negative electrode, and one lithium ion is captured by six carbon atoms. However, at low temperature, lithium ion is easy to form lithium crystals on the negative electrode, which is called "lithium precipitation". Lithium crystal deposition will pierce the diaphragm, causing short circuit in the battery and damaging the battery. Therefore, the battery heating plate is needed to heat the battery to ensure the normal charge and discharge of lithium battery at low temperature.

The heat of the cell is transferred to the shell through the thermal conductive silicon film. The shell is mostly made of metal, which can directly reduce the temperature of the cell and ensure the stability of the battery. The silicone thermal pad has good tear strength, which can ensure the friction resistance and tear resistance of the battery in the normal use of the car.


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