How to check the quality of graphite sheet?
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Graphite sheet has good heat dissipation and high thermal conductivity, inherits many high-quality characteristics of graphite, and has certain elasticity and ideal sealing characteristics. It is used as a sealing material in large quantities. In fact, the most important thing to choose high-quality graphite sheet is to pay attention to its density. Below Dasen will show you how to judge the quality of graphite sheet:

1. In the wear-resistant industry, graphite foil is mainly used in the form of backing plates to play a lubricating effect. Here, the density of graphite sheets is greatly displayed. The physical structure of the graphite sheet with low density is not tight, and it simply drops during use. , The appearance is consumed too fast, the service life of graphite paper with density 1.56 and graphite paper with density 1.7 can be separated by 3 months, and the price cost is obvious. 

2. In the electroplating and electrolysis industry, many manufacturers only pay attention to the conductivity and price of graphite sheet, but sometimes ignore the importance of density. Because of the small density, the appearance of graphite sheet simply shows pores, and the phenomenon of penetration in the electrolyte roughly appears which leads to the oxidation and falling of graphite sheet and greatly shortens the service life.