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Carbon fiber product

DASEN is a production-oriented enterprise integrating scientific research, production and processing. We have the scientific research and production capacity of carbon fiber special-shaped parts. We can customize and process products according to customer requirements. Product application fields include: consumer electronics, protective products, sports parts, outdoor supplies, medical and health care parts, industrial parts, small household appliances, etc.
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Product Description

  • Medical Care Product Solutions

  1. Carbon fiber DR flat panel detector

  2. Carbon fiber head rest and arm rest

  3. Carbon fiber medical bed board

  4. Carbon fiber breast machine support plate

  5. Carbon fiber ambulance stretcher, wheelchair

  6. Carbon fiber superconducting magnet components

  7. Carbon fiber prosthetics

  8. Carbon fiber orthosis

  9. Carbon fiber health equipment

  • Sports and Leisure Product Solutions

  1. Bicycle frame

  2. Sports shoe sole

  3. Diving fins

  4. Surfboard

  5. Grip

  • Industrial Equipments Product

  • Automobiles Product

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