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As the graphene heat dissipation film with high thermal conductivity, it has certain advantages under certain application conditions. For example, under application conditions such as local overheating, rapid heat conduction, and space constraints, the graphene film can be selected specifically, of course, sometimes It also needs to be used in cooperation with metal radiators.

Graphene heat dissipation film is a very thin and flexible thermal conductivity material with excellent comprehensive performance, which provides the possibility for the thin development of electronic products.

Graphene heat-dissipating film has outstanding reworkability and can be combined with other film materials such as PET according to the application. In addition, this material is flexible, can be cut and punched into any shape, and can be bent multiple times; it can convert a point heat source into a surface heat source for rapid heat conduction, and has high thermal conductivity. In addition to traditional methods, graphene heat dissipation film is a material that dissipates heat from power equipment in a limited area or provides heat dissipation for auxiliary power equipment.

1)Application of local overheating

Graphene film has a high horizontal thermal conductivity, so it can conduct heat in the horizontal direction quickly, so that the heat distribution of the whole surface in the horizontal direction is uniform, and local overheating is eliminated.

2)The situation under the constraints of straight heat dissipation spaceIf the space of straight heat dissipation is limited, the effective heat dissipation area can not be guaranteed by using metal radiator, and the thermal conductivity may be low, so the graphene heat dissipation film can be used for horizontal extension.

The requirements of heat dissipation system are considered in combination with the detailed application environment, including heat absorption ability, heat conduction ability and heat dissipation ability; Considering that the practical application is restricted by many conditions, it is necessary to quickly establish the heat balance in order to play a large heat dissipation effect.


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