Thermal solution for electronic products - wireless charger
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Wireless charging technology breaks the traditional connection line charging. It is a wireless charging technology using intelligent power transmission, which improves the efficiency and convenience of charging. In recent years, mobile phone wireless charging has been widely recognized and its utilization rate is getting higher and higher. It once became a popular product in the mobile phone charging industry.


Wireless charging works through the principle of electromagnetic induction. Since it is a magnetic field cutting method, it will inevitably produce heat. Due to its small size, the working temperature of internal electronic components needs to be solved first. The heat will not only affect the efficiency of the wireless charger, but also transfer the heat to the mobile phone. In order to better heat dissipation, the wireless charging shell needs to be made of metal rather than plastic as much as possible, and the thermal conductive silicone pad just provides its heat dissipation scheme to solve the problem.



In order to improve the heat dissipation efficiency, the metal material at the bottom of the wireless charger is generally integrated with a thermal conductive silicone shockproof pad, which can not only lay a good foundation for the heat dissipation of internal electronic components, but also have the effect of anti-skid, shockproof and not easy to wear.


In the part of the internal coil of the wireless charger, this part includes the middle part, which is also the part with concentrated heat. Therefore, a main temperature probe will be installed in the middle of the coil to ensure that the service temperature of the charger is within the safe temperature range.


Remove the screws of the coil metal substrate, and you can see the internal structure of the bottom shell. The bottom shell adopts metal integrated molding, which is also the key to heat dissipation. The use of metal is to better transmit the heat inside the product to the outside through the bottom shell, so that the internal working temperature can always be handled in a safe state, so as to delay the service life of the product.


Since the bottom shell is connected with a wireless charging circuit board, all components are concentrated on one side of the PCB, and the circuit board is an irregular whole, there is no way to directly and seamlessly connect with the bottom shell, so thermal gap pad and conductive foam are pasted on the bottom shell to fill the gap between the bottom shell and the circuit board. The heat of the circuit board is guided to the bottom shell through the silica gel pad and conductive foam to dissipate heat, which can also play the role of electromagnetic shielding.