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Electronic Cigarette Heat Conduction Material - Graphite Sheet And Silicone Thermal Pad

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At present, most of the new cigarette sets on the market generate heat by electric heating to evaporate and heat the cigarette bombs. The evaporation heating temperature of the smoke oil type electronic smoke is about 200℃, and the gas-liquid transition heat absorption occurs during the atomization process, so the heat transferred from the atomization chamber to the outside of this type of electronic smoke is less. However, the internal heating temperature of the heating incombustible cigarette is as high as 300-350 ℃, and it is mainly heated in the form of baking, so the heat is not easy to be taken away by the smoke. If this heat is not blocked, it is easy to cause the product surface temperature to be too high, which ultimately affects the consumer experience, and even brings the risk of scalding. Therefore, the thermal insulation technology of e-cigarettes is particularly important.



Dasen and the electronic cigarette manufacturers have been communicating constantly. After testing, the thermal conductive silicone pad within the range of 4.0~6.0w/mk is the most suitable for the heat dissipation of electronic cigarettes. In addition, the multi-layer edged graphite sheets also have a fairly high thermal conductivity, which is also widely used by electronic cigarette manufacturers, and has received good market feedback.


In addition to applications in electronic products, new energy products, intelligent systems, photoelectric equipment, communication equipment and other fields, the excellent performance of Dasen products comes from: (1) automated production lines, strict control of product consistency; (2) sampling inspection and making records before production and shipment; (3) customized size cutting, which can meet customer customization requirements; (4) full appearance inspection, to avoid the outflow of bubbles, bumps and defective products


Dasen hopes to apply the heat conduction materials that have been developed to more new project areas, reduce the testing costs of repeated comparisons for customers, and effectively solve the heat conduction pain points.


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