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Thermal Conductivity Of Graphite Sheet

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Thermally conductive graphite sheet is a very popular heat dissipation material widely used in electronic products. Graphite chemical composition of carbon elements, stable molecular structure, strong thermal conductivity, thermal conductive graphite sheet also has a strong thermal and electrical conductivity. The thermal conductivity of graphite sheets on the market is 150-150,000, and according to people's test W/(mK) the conductivity between them is much higher than other thermally conductive materials. The high conductivity of graphite is also used in the production of batteries, but its conductivity is not emphasized in thermally conductive products.




Thermally conductive graphite sheets also have the advantages of low thermal resistance, light weight, corrosion resistance, and radiation resistance. The thermal resistance of graphite sheet is 40% lower than that of metallic aluminum and 20% lower than that of metallic copper; the weight of graphite sheets is 25% lighter than that of metal and 75% lighter than that of metallic copper. Although the thermal conductivity of metal aluminum and copper sheet is more than 20,000 W/(mK), which is much higher than graphite, the above two points have poor performance and are not as suitable as graphite for thermal conductivity materials. When using thermally conductive graphite sheet in electronic products, there is no need to worry about the weight of the electronic product or the corrosive substances of the electronic components that will affect its thermal conductivity.

Thermally conductive graphite sheets also have good compressibility, resilience and low stress creep rate, making them ideal for sealing materials. According to the heat dissipation needs of electronic products, graphite is made into different thicknesses and sizes of thermally conductive sheets, which can play a certain role in shock-proofing electronic components on circuit boards and protecting them from thermal conductivity damage. Due to the characteristics of thermally conductive graphite sheet, it has become a mainstream thermally conductive product that contributes to the performance of electronic products.


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