Why use the graphite mold for 3D glass hot bending?
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Among the 3D glass thermoforming, firstly, it is necessary to soften the glass by a method of high-temperature heating, and it is necessary to fix the desired shape in the mold. We all know that the most common plastic molds are injection molded. These molds are mostly metal molds. Why can't these molds be used here?




The reason is that metal materials are prone to deformation at high temperatures, and the deformation is large, and it is easy to soften. However, there is no such problem when using graphite. Graphite has the characteristics of high hardness, good electrical conductivity, and radiation protection. corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, low cost and other characteristics. The most important point is the heat resistance of graphite. After the temperature rises, the graphite has the opposite performance to the metal. The temperature of the graphite is higher, so his body is harder, so there is no problem with mold deformation.




This is also why glass hot bending requires the use of graphite materials for the maximum guaranteed limit.

Some pictures in glass mold processing.