How to cool 5G iPhone?
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The market expects that vapor chamber will become a necessary hardware for 5G mobile phones in the future. At present, most 5G mobile phones are also equipped with vapor chamber (VC: vapor chamber, mainly used for heat dissipation). However, according to the report given by Mr. Guo of Tianfeng Securities recently, vapor chamber is not a standard part of 5G mobile phones in the future.

 In fact, according to Guo's analysis, next year's new 5G iPhone is likely to use graphite sheet design, and Huawei will also reduce its demand for vapor chamber by 50% in 2020. In other words, the demand of 5G mobile phones for vapor chamber in 2020 will be much lower than expected.

 Guo said that there are three main reasons why the demand for vapor chamber will decrease:

1. The mainstream process of SoC / processor (system level chip) will adopt a more refined 5nm / 5nm + EUV process next year, which will reduce the power consumption of mobile phone more effectively than the current technology;

2. The 5G mobile phone reference design provided by Qualcomm to important customers has not been mentioned or recommended to use vapor chamber design for heat dissipation;

3. 5G mobile phones will not be widely used in the next year, and 5G will be integrated with 4G to access the Internet first. 5G and 4G will coexist for a long time in the near future, which will effectively reduce power consumption


With its own IOS system, apple can reduce power consumption more effectively through hardware and software integration. Guo predicted that the new 5G iPhone will be designed with graphite chips in 2020 instead of the current vapor chamber. Apple will still release three iPhones in 2020, corresponding to the current iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro max, all of which will use OLED screen. However, it is likely that only two iPhones support 5G, which means that the upgraded version of iPhone 11 will not support 5G.

The new iPhone released this year is more like a complementary board, and its performance has been enhanced in all aspects, especially in the field of photographing, which has risen several grades directly. Next year, the new iPhone will innovate on the basis of this year's iPhone, with more new functions and designs, marking the arrival of the apple 5G era.