Disassemble the mobile phone to see the application of graphite foil in the smart phone
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Pyrolytic graphite sheet, also known as graphite thermal pad, is a kind of high performance thermal interface material. It has the same grain orientation and conducts heat uniformly in two directions. The lamellar structure makes it easier to adapt to any surface, shield heat sources and components, and improve the performance of consumer electronic products.

This paper takes the internal heat treatment of mobile phone as an example:

In order to better conduct CPU heat to the aluminum alloy frame, the thermal conductive gel is filled between the mobile phone CPU and the shield, so that the heat conducting gel and CPU and shielding cover can be sufficiently fused.

The material of the shield cover is also replaced by copper alloy, the thermal conductivity of copper is far greater than that of common stainless steel, and the heat received is quickly dispersed by three layers of graphite foil.

At the same time, in order to reduce the heat of LCD backlight and driving IC, a piece of 25um graphite sheet is added on the back of LCD of mobile phone, which makes the heat generated by backlight disperse rapidly.

In addition, three layers of graphite foil are reserved on the lower cover of the mobile phone, which can quickly transfer the heat from the upper end of the machine to the lower end, so that the heat distribution on the back of the whole machine is more uniform.

Graphite sheet die cutting process:


For a long time, graphite sheet, especially those with high thermal conductivity, have been supplied by pieces. Perhaps they are supplied in the form of coiled materials, which brings inconvenience to the subsequent die-cutting processing and automatic installation. At present, some suppliers have successfully solved this problem in the industry. They have completed the supply of high thermal conductivity graphite sheet in roll form, which can continuously reach the length of 50 meters.