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Carbon Fiber Plate

If order carbon fiber plates, please confirm the details: size, dimensional tolerances, quantity, structural requirements, surface finish, surface pattern, material, temperature requirements, processing technology, etc.
Then DASEN will customize it accordingly.
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Product Description

The carbon fiber plate is manufactured using 100% carbon fiber reinforcement and epoxy resin. The surface can choose from will /plain, matte/glossy. Without any glass fiber contents. It is especially applicable for the FPV frame, helicopters, and RC airplanes. Our factory use imported Japan TORAY carbon fiber fabric to make the carbon fiber plates/carbon fiber plate.

We provide carbon fiber sheets of various sizes, the maximum length and width can be 3x5m, the thickness can be as thin as 100μm, the thickest can be 500mm. The appearance can be 3K plain, twill, glossy, matte, etc. The material can use T300, T700, T800, M40J, 60T, 80T and other carbon fiber materials.

Properties of carbon fiber sheets:

  • High tensile strength, 7-10 times that of steel with equivalent cross section;

  • Light work, easy to use;

  • Structural performance: the reinforcement effect of one layer of carbon fiber is equivalent to that of 4-8 layers of carbon fiber cloth;

  • High lightness, high modulus, small coefficient of linear expansion;

  • Good corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity along the carbon fiber direction, electrical conductivity compared to copper, can transmit x-rays

  • Electric conduct material, electrode & static electricity resistance.

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