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DASEN’s Die-cut 3M Tape

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3M tape is a high-performance tape widely used in multiple fields.

According to customized requirements, DASEN can offer die-cut 3M tape.

In terms of die-cutting, the die-cutting process of 3M tape usually requires precise mold design and advanced die-cutting equipment to ensure that it can be cut according to specific shapes and sizes. The 3M adhesive tape after die-cutting can better adapt to various complex application scenarios and product design requirements.


It has a wide range of applications, such as:

1. Electronics industry: used for bonding electronic components, fixing circuit boards, etc.

2. Automotive manufacturing: plays an important role in the adhesion and fixation of automotive interior and exterior components.

3. Industrial production: can be used for equipment protection, labeling, etc.

4. Medical field: used for fixing medical devices, dressings, etc.

In summary, the die-cutting technology of 3M tape and its widespread application provide efficient and reliable bonding solutions for many industries.


In practical applications, selecting a suitable 3M tape model requires consideration of multiple factors, such as the type of material being bonded, surface characteristics, usage environment, bonding strength requirements, durability requirements, etc. Different types of tape may have differences in performance and characteristics to meet various specific application needs. If you need tape recommendations for specific application scenarios, please provide more detailed information so that I can provide you with more accurate advice. In addition, 3M is constantly launching new tape products, and you can also obtain the latest product information through its official website or other channels.


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