Talking about graphite film application prospect in 5G Times
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1. China's 5G base station development prospects

With the surge in global data traffic, China's 5G industry will usher in large-scale demand growth. It is estimated that by 2022, the scale of China's 5G base stations will reach 100 billion, and the number of 5G base stations will reach one million.


Source: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Prospective Industry Research Institute.

2. Smart phone field

Communication technology has gone through 1G the " big brother " of the era , to 2G the " telephone text message " of the era , to 3G the era of " video calls " , and then 4G the " smart internet " of the era . due to 5G net speed is one hundred times higher than 100 Mega broadband now, it is a big jump in communication technology, now 4G The phone simply can't meet the requirements of the 5G network and cannot be used under the 5G network, which means that you want to experience 5G Times, must be changed to 5G Smart phones, so the market size cannot be imagined.

5G The times are approaching, smart phone hardware configuration is getting higher and higher, CPU Escalating to high-performance multi-core direction, communication rate rising, and the constant pursuit of the phone's light and thin, small, narrow space with cooling demand brought about by rising electronic products have higher requirements for thermal management solutions, so the thermal conductive graphite film materials will present more new requirements, there are higher requirements in terms of thermal device characteristics, product form, production process, and application field development, and it has a development trend of both material production process upgrade and application field innovation.


3. High thermal conductivity graphite film is the mainstream

Because graphite material of high thermal conductivity graphite film has a unique structure carbon atoms grain orientation, the plane has a very good thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity is generally much higher than the copper, the lamellar structure can be well adapted to any surface At the same time, it has the advantages of low density ( lightweight ) , high specific heat capacity ( high temperature resistance ) , long-term reliability, etc., and has become an excellent material for heat dissipation solutions. Therefore, in recent years, high thermal conductivity graphite films are widely used in smartphones, ultra-thin notebooks, tablets and LED TV and other consumer electronics products.

From the point of view of product form, the high thermal conductivity graphite film is divided into single layer high thermal conductivity film, high thermal conductivity composite film and multi-layers thermal conductive film types. Among them, the single layer high thermal conductive film has a widest range of applications, and the multi-layer composite film is a high thermal conductivity to meet customer needs and design features more composite made with copper or a multi-piece graphite film thermal conductive film based on the single layer thermal conductive film. Among them, the single-layer high-heat-conducting film mainly emphasizes its superior thermal conductivity; the multi-layer high-heat-conducting film has a certain thermal storage performance while having high thermal conductivity; the composite high-heat-conducting film has both heat conduction and heat storage properties, and has some shield the radiation. 5G Times intelligent terminal products are accompanied by higher power consumption and heat dissipation requirements, and at the same time have the advantages of component innovation and upgrade. Therefore, composite and multilayer thermal conductive graphite films are expected to usher in a wider range of applications.

From the point of view of production process, the thermal conductive graphite film is mainly processed on the basis of substrate, processing by high-temperature carbonization and graphitization. First, the PI film is wound on a reel, subjected to a carbonization heat treatment, and then subjected to a graphitization heat treatment to form the process of a rolled graphite film. Compared with the chip burning process, the roll baking graphite technology has the advantage of saving the manual lamination process. Continuous productivity and facilitate the subsequent process, can significantly reduce the cost, while the success of the flow volume can burn graphite film having good mechanical strength, there is no limitation to the die size, and therefore very suitable 5G Times remarkable growth heat dissipation needs, especially have broad application prospects in large equipment (such as base stations ). 

4. DSN50XXSeries of high thermal graphite film thermal conductivity coefficient up to the highest 1950W/m.K. We can produce 12UM~70UM high-conductivity graphite film with different thickness according to customer's requirements. At the same time, we can provide a variety of graphite film composite component heat dissipation solutions for customers' product conditions.