3D glass hot bending graphite mold process
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1: Choose high-quality graphite materials, if selected graphite materials are not good, the subsequent processing is not good.

1):   Requires high purity and high density of graphite

The high purity requirement is mainly to prevent the phenomenon that the graphite is oxidized to generate bubbles at high temperature, thereby affecting the surface finish; the high-density requirement is to prevent the collapse of the graphite mold, to improve the mechanical strength as much as possible, and to ensure the life of the mold is greatly improved!

2):   Requires as small a particle diameter as possible

The 3D glass hot bending mold body is a graphite concave type rectangular body, and the cavity is a preset curved surface; wherein the cavity and the push plate are obtained by fine polishing. The surface finish of the cavity directly affects the surface effect of the 3D glass, and the surface of the cavity is not only related to fine polishing but also closely related to the diameter of the graphite particles! A particle size that is as small as possible can be processed to obtain a sufficiently smooth cavity.

2: The whole piece of graphite material is cut into the required size in the cutting room.

Graphite cutting
Cutting into graphite of the required size

3: Graphite material enters the CNC machining center for molding engraving

Carbon CNC computers require high processing speed and high precision. Please note: Unlike metal CNC machining, graphite material CNC does not require lubricating oil and cutting fluid.


4: After the mold is formed, it can be obtained on the polishing machine for the final graphite polishing.

After a three-dimensional detector size inspection, it can be put into production. Graphite mold cavity polishing is a major difficulty, which involves a series of problems such as equipment selection, polishing material selection, and polishing process parameters. 

As an important consumable graphite mold forming 3D glass bending, the glass directly affects the 3D curvature and surface finish, the service life of a graphite mold is also a great impact on the cost of bending glass forming 3D!