Advantages of graphite paper being widely used
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Graphite paper is a very important manufacturing and processing product. With the development of new raw materials and technology, this new raw material comes from its different properties, and its application fields are also different.


Graphite paper has excellent properties such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubrication, high and low temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. Because of this, the use of graphite paper has been expanding in the past few years. Graphite paper can be used in fuel ignition of energy system, which is supported by its conductivity and easy fabrication. Graphite paper can be used as current collector. Graphite paper not only has good conductivity, but also is resistant to electrolyte corrosion. Graphite paper has excellent conductivity. Due to its unique conductive function, graphite paper is the preferred product in many conductive configurations and conductive components, such as mobile phones and computers, in which equipment plays a very important role. Graphite paper dissipates heat quickly. Graphite paper can conduct heat evenly in two directions, shielding heat sources and components, and improving the function of consumer electronic products. Graphite paper takes up small space and light weight. The main composition of graphite paper is made of graphite, which is much lighter than copper and aluminum, so it is widely used in some small and light fields.