The necessary graphite sheet for mobile phone heat dissipation
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The main performance of graphite sheet: Super high thermal conductivity / easy to operate, low thermal resistance, light weight. It has been widely used in the heat dissipation of communication industry, medical equipment, SONY/DELL/Samsung notebooks, mobile phones, PC memory sticks, LED substrates, etc.


The main applications of thermal conductive graphite sheet include: IC, CPU, led, radiator, laptop, mobile phone, communication equipment, handheld device, camera, etc.

Processing method of graphite sheet

Adhesive processing

In order to better adhere to IC and electronic component circuit boards, it is necessary to apply adhesive processing on the surface of the thermally conductive graphite sheet, which can be divided into two types: double-sided adhesive and single-sided adhesive.

Film processing

Some products require insulation and heat insulation in circuit design, and the thermally conductive graphite sheet itself is electrically conductive. At this time, the surface of the thermally conductive graphite sheet needs to be coated with a film to optimize product performance.

Hemming processing

During the die-cutting process of graphite, the edge is easy to fall off, and sometimes the thermal conductive graphite sheet has to be done edge treatment.

The graphite film on the outer surface of notebook computers, LEDs, and digital cameras is partly peeled off or very thin. A small amount of graphite film peeling off does not affect normal operation, and no treatment is required. If there is a lot of shedding, use a 6B pencil to coat the shedding or thin areas, and then use a multimeter on the Rx1K gear side and the resistance between any two points of the coating layer (should not be greater than 10-20 kohms). In order to prevent the painted pencil powder from being knocked off, a layer of varnish can be applied as a protective layer.