Essential heat dissipation material for mobile phone cooling - high performance graphite foil
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After marathon running, 100-meter dash and other strenuous exercise, the body temperature increases sharply. If the temperature is not cooled in time, it will lead to deterioration of the function of the body's blood circulation and nervous system, which can lead to coma or sudden death. Therefore, through continuous evolution, the body's own heat dissipation system has formed an efficient respiratory tract and sweat gland system to rapidly transfer the heat brought by the intense consumption of calories in the body to the outside, preventing the internal body from "breakdown" due to overtemperature and ensuring the stability of vital signs.





Similarly, on February 9, 2022, the "Samsung Galaxy S22 Series launch" showcased Samsung's flagship phone. The launch revealed that the Galaxy S22 is a carefully crafted cooling solution for its flagship phone that has been iteratively developed by its core team. Like the delicate structure of the human body, the flagship model has been painstakingly iterated and optimized by the R&D team and the supply chain system. It can also be called an industrial work of art. It is because of the meticulous selection process of every part and every material that Galaxy S22 has the design of the optimal heat dissipation structure and the selection of materials with the highest performance. These innovative designs allow the Galaxy S22 to quickly complete the heat dissipation process from the core of the system to the outside during the operation of large game applications and ultra-high definition video playback.



Galaxy S22 adopts the most powerful 4nm processor at present. With high heat brought by high performance, it must adopt an innovative heat dissipation structure. Galaxy S22 uses a new thermal interface material with 3.5 times performance to reduce the first-order thermal resistance; Stainless steel heat pipe (VC) is selected to achieve the second order high speed heat transmission; DSN graphite sheet (GS) was used as a diffusion plate to rapidly and uniformly disperse heat in the third order. Such fine structures are completed in Spaces of less than a millimeter, reflecting modern industry's high technology and the goal of continuous iterative development.



DSN's R&D and production personnel, after ten years of continuous iteration, constantly break through the thermal conductivity limit of graphite film (GS), long-term stable cooperation with Samsung Galaxy series flagship models, to provide Samsung with high-quality materials for thermal solutions.