Thermal solution for electronic products - intelligent projector
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In recent years, the projector is widely used in offices, entertainment places, homes and schools and other places, in order to better optimize the user experience, the projector products continue to evolve, but in improving the function at the same time, must effectively exhaust heat, maintain a stable temperature, to ensure work efficiency.



According to the imaging principle of the projector, when the input signal is projected by the projector, it needs a very high brightness. In order to ensure such a high brightness output, the projector must adopt a high-power light source to achieve it. After working for a long time, it is necessary to generate high heat inside the machine. In addition to the heat generated by the projector's light source, the projector's power supply also generates a lot of heat when it is working. The heat generated by the projector bulb, imaging system, power supply and so on all converge in the narrow space inside the machine. The high temperature generated not only affects the normal use of the projector, but also greatly shortens the service life of the internal components.


The heat dissipation structure of the projector includes a heat pipe, a plurality of fins on the heat pipe, and a fan on one side of the plurality of fins. One end of the heat pipe is fixedly connected with the light source side of the main body of the projector, and the other end is set away from the main body of the projector. 


A plurality of fins are fixedly arranged on the end of the heat pipe far away from the main body of the projector. The fan is electrically connected with the main body of the projector to drive the air flow to reduce the temperature of the fins. The heat generated by the main body of the projector can be transmitted to the fin through the heat pipe, and then the fan drives the flow of air to reduce the temperature of the fin. In this way, the heat dissipation of the projector is accelerated, and the problem of the normal work of the projector is avoided because the high temperature air stays near the main body of the projector.

If the perennial high temperature area using projector, fan cooling alone is completely insufficient, so many companies on the projector internal installation of the fan transformation, including the transformation of heat dissipation, heat dissipation materials, fundamentally solve the problem of the projector can not work continuously.


The thermal silicone pad is soft, with good thermal and electrical insulation, good compressibility, and the thickness can be customized according to different intelligent projector space range. The thermal gap pad is well filled between the heat pipe fin of the projector and the heat dissipation fan, realizing the seamless connection between the heat source and the heat dissipation fan, reducing the thermal resistance of the contact surface between the inner heater of the projector and the heat dissipation fan, perfectly and effectively transferring the heat out, maintaining the stable temperature of the projector and ensuring its working efficiency.