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With the rapid development of science and technology, our society has entered the information age. In this society, the Internet has become an indispensable part of people's life. With the rapid development of the information age and the gradual popularity of cloud services, the data storage of all walks of life increases rapidly due to the popularity of cloud services. Server capacity expansion also brings more switch requirements. We believe that routers are known, but the vast majority of people generally do not know what the network switch is, what can it do for our network?



Network switches connect servers and network devices to build data centers. Due to the popularization of cloud services, the network equipment becomes high-density, and the surge of connected devices makes the switch load heavier. The new switch is faced with the problem of balancing performance improvement and power consumption reduction.


The industrial switch integrates MAC switch module, PHY interface chip, main control chip, memory and other components. Due to the fatal impact of high temperature on industrial grade switches, in the design of such products, in addition to selecting industrial grade components with a wide temperature range, full attention should be paid to the thermal design of equipment.


In order to meet the requirements of reliability application, most industrial switches adopt thermal design without fans. For chips with high calorific value, thermal silicone pad and materials with thermal phase changes can be used to fill the gap between the contact surface and form a thermal conduction channel from the chip surface to the shell, so as to ensure that the chip works in a safe temperature range and the switch works reliably and safely in a high temperature environment.


The heat dissipation structure of the switch comprises a switch shell and a circuit board: the circuit board is arranged on the heat conduction pad, the heat conduction pad is arranged on the metal heat dissipation fin, the circuit board is arranged below the heat conduction pad, the pad is attached to the inner surface of the shell of the switch; The thermal pad is an elastic object, which can effectively ensure that the thermal pad is closely attached to the inner surface of the switch shell. Part of the heat generated by the circuit board is transmitted to the metal heat sink through the upper thermal pad and then diffused to the inside of the switch, and then diffused to the air through the switch shell. Part of the heat is transmitted to the switch shell through the lower thermal pad and then diffused to the air. This solution is especially suitable for small switches, which can effectively avoid the volume increase, cost increase, and easy damage caused by the installation of cooling fans.


Thermal silicone pad is mainly used for heat conduction and cooling between the motherboard and the shell. The main purpose of selecting thermal conductive silica gel pad is to reduce the thermal resistance generated between the heat source surface and the contact surface of the heat dissipation device. Thermal conductive silica pad can fill the gap of the contact surface well. With the addition of thermal silica gel, can make the contact surface between the heat source and the radiator better full contact, really do face to face contact, the reaction in temperature can achieve as small as possible temperature difference; Thermal conductive silica pad not only has insulation performance, but also has the effect of shock absorption and sound absorption.

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