Heat dissipation method for electronic products - computer server
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People often use network technology in their daily work and life. It can be said that today's society is inseparable from the communication network. In ancient times, the communication between the north and the south could only be carried out by letter, which may take months to reach if the distance is far away. As the nodes of the network, computer servers, which store and process 80% of the data on the network, need to operate 24 hours a day.


The composition of computer server is basically similar to that of computer, including processor, hard disk, memory, system bus, etc. They are specially formulated for specific network applications, so there are great differences between computer server and computer in processing capacity, stability, reliability, security, scalability, manageability and other aspects.


Computer server is a high performance computer, network terminal equipment such as home, enterprise computer Internet access, access to information, communication with the outside world, entertainment, etc., must also pass through the computer server, so it can also be said that the computer server in the "organization" and "leadership" these devices. A long-lasting, efficient computer server is a must for an enterprise.


There are many factors affecting the computer server, and the heat dissipation problem is one of the main factors, the computer server is a high performance computer, but also a high power consumption machine, the heat emitted by a lot, some large enterprises will set up a dedicated air conditioning room for the computer server.


Fever is a computer server equipment widely exists in the life phenomenon, mainly because of electricity when energy is converted into target cannot be completely transformation, most of them will be in the form of heat energy loss, so lead to machine equipment runtime fever, air is a poor conductor of heat, heat transfer efficiency decreases when moving through air, which can lead to poor heat dissipation effect.


Thermal interface material is the material to solve the low heat transfer efficiency. There are many kinds of materials, such as thermal pad, thermal grease, thermal gel, thermal tape,  thermal graphite foil and so on. Each kind of thermal interface materials has its characteristics and their purpose is to improve the heat transfer efficiency.

Computer server in the internal structure, the gap between heat source and heat sink, even two looks smooth and flat surface, there is still some holes, there exists a gap, and the joint when there are a large number of air gap, so the heat transfer efficiency will decrease, and thermal conductive material is filled between the two, will greatly small hole filling and reduce the contact thermal resistance, The heat source and radiator can be in close contact, so as to improve the heat dissipation effect, so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine and equipment.