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Although thermally conductive graphite sheets are becoming more and more widely used in various industries, it is facing more and more challenges. As electronic products become smaller and smaller, the chip size becomes smaller and smaller, making thermal conduction difficult. What is the graphite sheet cut with?



Thermally conductive graphite sheets not only need to improve the thermal conductivity to meet the higher thermal conductivity requirements, but also need to continuously improve the size and process the site smaller and smaller. Whether the size meets the standard requirements is related to the cutting process of the thermally conductive graphite sheet. 

The cutting process of thermally conductive graphite sheet is related to its practical application. There are two kinds commonly used: adhesive film and backing film. Adhesive film cutting refers to the cutting of graphite sheet with multiple backing treatment on its surface so that the graphite sheet has a certain adhesion. This adhesive laser die-cut can make the thermal conductive graphite sheet better bonded to the circuit board, better heat dissipation of electronic products. Sometimes, the size of the insulation and heat dissipation material required for the circuit board does not match the size of the thermally conductive graphite sheet, so the graphite sheet set backing needs to be treated to make it more compatible with the electronic product.


At present, graphite sheet laser cutting machine is divided into laser die-cutting machine or precision laser cutting machine. Graphite sheet laser cutting machine adopts the principle of laser cutting, which can cut the heat-conducting graphite sheet quickly and effectively. Due to the more mature application of laser technology, this graphite sheet laser cutting machine can be stable and long-term processing operations. However, due to the influence of the heat-conducting graphite sheet's own structure, the product is brittle and its thickness cannot be cut too thin. Therefore, although the laser cutting machine can realize thin cutting technology, it also cannot immediately realize finer graphite sheet size. Experts need to improve the performance of graphite sheets first.

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