Factors affecting the thermal conductivity of graphite sheets
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Thermally conductive graphite sheet is a product made of natural graphite with good thermal conductivity. Sound is the main form of thermal conductivity of graphite. When this form of thermal conductivity changes, its thermal conductivity will change. The thermal conductivity, size, temperature, thickness and dispersion of graphite are all affected according to the research that has been done on thermally conductive graphite sheets, as detailed below.



Thermally conductive graphite sheets provide a pathway for phonon propagation along the graphite sheet layer. Less contact between the filler and polymer interface and low interfacial contact resistance reduce the phonon scattering function at the edge of the graphite sheet, which facilitates an effective thermally conductive network. Therefore, the thermal conductivity parallel to the graphite sheet layer direction is better than that perpendicular to the graphite sheet layer. Due to the different preparation processes, different sizes and thicknesses of thermally conductive graphite sheets are obtained. Large graphite with large specific surface area can reduce edge phonon scattering and facilitate thermal conductivity. The smaller the thickness of graphite sheets, the larger the specific surface area and the better the thermal conductivity. When the thermally conductive graphite sheet conducts heat, the change of temperature will also affect the thermal conductivity. After several tests, it is found that the thermal conductivity efficiency of graphite at 655℃ increases with the increase of temperature, which is a limit value when the temperature is lower than the temperature; when the temperature exceeds 655℃ the thermal conductivity of graphite decreases with the increase of temperature. However, when the graphite content in the thermally conductive graphite sheet increases, the decrease of thermal conductivity efficiency will slow down. People can choose different graphite sheets containing graphite according to the needs of heat dissipation