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Thermal Conductive Graphite Sheet's Special Characteristics And Heat Dissipation Principle

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Graphite sheets are new type of thermally conductive heat dissipation material. The unique grain orientation and plate structure of the product allows the product to conform closely to different contact surfaces, thus maximizing the heat transfer function. It conducts heat evenly in both directions, and the lamellar structure adapts well to any surface. This new natural graphite solution offers high thermal efficiency, small footprint, light weight, uniform thermal conductivity in both directions, eliminating "hot spot" areas, shielding heat sources and components while improving the performance of consumer electronics.



Throughhigh temperature thermal expansion of graphite carbon atoms made of graphite film. Graphite is made into thin sheets of stickers by taking advantage of its plasticity, excellent thermal conductivity and thinness. so that it is attached to the heat source so that it can be effective to a point of heat evenly fee horizontal dispersionLet it adhere to the heat source so that it can effectively disperse a little heat evenly and horizontally, so that the high heat of a single electronic product can be spread to the maximum Both can block the contact between the original parts, but also play a certain role in shock resistance.


Graphitesheet heat dissipation principle: heat is quickly conducted through the graphite sheet plane to the case and frame, expanding the plane heat dissipation area, and quickly dissipating hot spots. Graphite sheet is a simple and practical heat dissipation application material, and it has been widely used in smart phone heat management.




With smart phones, tablet PCs and other electronic products are becoming increasingly thin and light. The heat of the chip is getting bigger and bigger, the space for heat dissipation of electronic products is getting smaller and smaller, multi-functional + ultra-thin, ultra-light + small size, which leads to serious heat generation of electronic products, rapid power usage, automatic shutdown, operation failure, battery life decline, online business computing sluggishness, security risks and some other problems. The emergence of synthetic graphite sheet provides the possibility of heat dissipation for electronic products. The high thermal conductivity graphite film quickly diffuses the point heat source into a surface heat source, quickly allowing the heat to be dissipated, giving the product and your design a wider scope.

 Synthetic composite graphite sheet is a new diaphragm material sintered with polyimide film, which has high thermal conductivity and excellent product design flexibility. High conductivity thermal conductivity 1500w/mk-1800wk. (5 times that of copper, 8.3 times that of aluminum), flexible diaphragm is easy to process, easy to die-cut processing into any shape, and can be repeatedly bent. Light density is 1.8-2.1g/cm3, also can be used for electromagnetic shielding material.

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