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Flexible graphite paper is a kind of gasket made of punching metal tooth plate or metal mesh plate and flexible graphite particles compounded and pressed. It is usually pressed by professional gasket cutting equipment or molds. The commonly used inner reinforcement materials for reinforced graphite sheets are ss304, ss316 or tinplate. Thickness 0.5-5mm. types are punching plate reinforced flexible graphite composite sheet, mesh plate reinforced flexible graphite composite sheet, flat plate reinforced composite sheet. Flexible graphite paper is widely used for its good high temperature resistance. The following is a summary of the 7 main features of flexible graphite paper.

1、Excellent pressure resistance, flexibility, plasticity and self-lubrication.

2、Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, corrosion resistance and radiation resistance. 


3、Excellent anti-seismic properties.

4、Excellent electrical conductivity.

5、Excellent anti-aging and anti-distortion properties.

6、Can be melted and penetrated by various metals.

7、Does not contain any harmful substances, no harm to the environment.

The production of flexible graphite paper should be selected from the graphite powder, to choose the graphite powder particle size of moderate flexible graphite powder. Graphite powder particle size can not be too small, graphite powder particle size is too small, not only high cost, graphite paper hard and brittle. We need to choose the right mesh and size of flexible graphite powder, the flexible graphite paper, with flexibility and resilience. Flexible graphite paper is widely used, flexible graphite paper can be processed into graphite heat dissipation sheets, flexible graphite sealing s and other graphite sealing products, which are used in the industrial sealing field.


Flexible graphite paper comes in rolls and is a flexible graphite roll. Industrial production needs to be done on large quantities of flexible graphite paper wholesale, graphite paper is flexible, flexible graphite paper can be applied to curved surfaces, flexible graphite paper can be used in heat dissipation applications for cell phones and other electronic devices, flexible graphite paper plays a different role in the field of sealing industrial production and in the field of production of heat conductive materials.

Graphite paper is widely used in industry, it can be used to make high temperature crucible for smelting, protector for steel ingot, lubricant for mechanical industry, making electrode and pencil core; widely used in refractory material and coating for metallurgical industry, stabilizer for industrial pyrotechnic material, pencil core for light industry, carbon brush for electrical industry, electrode for battery industry, catalyst for chemical fertilizer industry, etc. Graphite paper has good characteristics such as good electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and easy processing. Therefore, it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electrochemistry and other industries. Graphite paper is also widely used in solar cells, sensors, nanoelectronics, nanoelectronic devices, composite materials, field emission materials, etc.


The above is an introduction to the 7 main characteristics of flexible graphite paper, which is made of flexible graphite as raw material processing and is commonly used in the field of industrial sealing and thermal solution.

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