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In today's world, micro projectors have become very popular in the consumer market, with output brightness ranging from tens to about 1000 lumens. Generally,projector use LED with copper substrates as the light source for the lighting system to project the image.

However, in existing micro projectors, aluminum heat sinks and fans are generally used as heat dissipation for the LED part. However, the problem with this method is that it will have a larger volume and is not suitable for the miniature concept of micro projectors.

Working for a long time will generate high heat inside the machine. In addition to the heat generated by the projector's light source, the projector's power supply also generates a large amount of heat during operation. The heat generated by projector bulbs, imaging systems, power supplies, etc.

The heat accumulates in the narrow space of the machine, which not only affects the normal use of the projector, but also shortens the service life of internal components.




In response to the current market demand, a micro projector with graphite sheets has received widespread attention.

Using multi-layer graphite sheets for heat dissipation can reduce the size of the projector's heat dissipation device, thereby reducing the size of the projector. The projector includes a shell, which is equipped with an optical projection engine. The copper substrate of the light source part inside the optical projection engine is equipped with adhesive graphite heat dissipation sheets on the outer wall, and several heat dissipation holes are opened on the side wall near the graphite heat dissipation sheets of the shell.


1. By installing graphite heat dissipation sheets on the outer wall of the optical projection engine, combined with several heat dissipation holes on the side wall of the shell. the heat sink can dissipate the heat generated by the optical projection engine inside the micro projector,. eliminating traditional aluminum heat dissipation fins and fans, reducing the volume of the heat dissipation structure, and truly realizing the miniaturization of the projector. A graphite radiation layer is arranged on the outer layer of multi-layer graphite, which has higher thermal radiation than single-layer graphite and improves heat dissipation efficiency.

2. The multi-layer graphite sheet is also equipped with a graphite layer, a metal layer, and a graphite electromagnetic interference layer, providing good diffusion rate, thermal conductivity, and thermal radiation performance.

3. Install an adhesive layer between the graphite layer and the outer wall of the copper substrate in the light source part of the optical projection engine to facilitate disassembly, installation, and replacement of the graphite layer. 


Graphite sheet is a high thermal conductivity material that can quickly transfer heat from the heat source. It’s very suitable for cooling applications.

Here are some benefits of using graphite sheets to cool projectors:


High thermal conductivity: Graphite sheet has very high thermal conductivity, up to 1900W/mK, which means it can quickly and effectively transfer heat from the projector.


Thin and Light: The graphite sheet is thin and light, making it easy to install on the surface of the projector without adding extra volume.


Flexible: Graphite sheet is flexible, allowing them to conform to the shape of the projector surface, ensuring maximum contact and heat transfer.


Durable: Graphite sheet is durable and can withstand high temperatures and harsh environments, making them an ideal choice for cooling applications.


Cost effectiveness: Compared to other cooling solutions, graphite sheet is relatively cheap and it’s an affordable choice for projector cooling. 


When using graphite sheets to cool the projector, it is important to ensure its correct installation and positioning to achieve optimal heat dissipation. It is also important to monitor the temperature of the projector to ensure that it remains within a safe operating range.


Dasen was established in 2011, mainly engaged in the development, production, and product marketing of thermal conductive graphite sheets.

Thermal conductive graphite sheets have excellent performance and can be combined with various materials to dissipate heat, such as metal, adhesive, plastic, and other materials. At the same time, it has low thermal resistance, light weight, and high thermal conductivity. Thermal conductive graphite sheets occupy very little space, are lightweight in material weight, but have high heat dissipation efficiency. After processing, it can greatly improve the thermal conductivity and is commonly used in communication devices, hand-held devices, DVD, laptops, mobile power supplies, etc.


If you need samples, please leave a message and we will reply to you as soon as possible!

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