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Graphite Sheet For Wireless Charging

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The wireless charging technology in the 5G era has broken the traditional connection line charging. It is a wireless charging technology using intelligent power transmission, which not only improves the efficiency and convenience of charging, but also has become an important trend direction in the consumer electronics industry. With the increase in the usage of wireless chargers for cell phones, the power of wireless chargers has also started to expand. Wireless charger due to the increase in power consumption and the reduction in size, the temperature control and heat dissipation of internal electronic components and electromagnetic shielding problems need to be solved.


In order to improve heat dissipation efficiency, the metal material at the bottom of wireless chargers is usually coated with graphite sheets, which not only lays a good foundation for the heat dissipation of internal electronic components, but also has the effect of corrosion prevention and not easy to wear. In the internal coil part of the wireless charger, this part includes the middle part, which is also the part where the heat is concentrated.

Since the bottom shell is connected with a wireless charging circuit board, all the components are concentrated on one side of the PCB, and the circuit board is an irregular whole.

By die-cutting the right shape of graphite sheet, and then filling the gap between the bottom shell and the circuit board through the thermal conductive pad or conductive foam pasted on the bottom shell, the heat of the circuit board can be directed to the bottom shell through the graphite sheet for heat dissipation. The high thermal conductivity of the graphite sheet can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of the wireless charger and improve the charging speed. The product has the advantages of good heat dissipation, fast charging speed, high cost performance and easy to use.




Established in 2011, Dasen is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of functional materials such as carbon fiber and glass fiber composite materials, high thermal conductivity graphite sheet, etc. The products developed by Dasen have been widely used in industries such as consumer electronics, aerospace, new energy, medical equipment, and sports goods.


Dasen has approximately 200 employees and a factory area of over 13000 square meters. Dasen is a high-tech enterprise, excellent private enterprise, and specialized new enterprise, with over 10 invention and authorized patents. Dasen possesses fully independent intellectual property rights and advanced production processes, always adhering to strict and advanced production management to ensure high-quality and efficient production and operation.




If you need heat dissipation materials or heat dissipation solutions, please feel free to contact us.

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