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DSN Series Graphite Sheet Used in Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Smart Phone

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Graphite sheet is a high-performance thermal and heat dissipation material that can help electronic products effectively dissipate heat, thereby improving the performance and service life of electronic products. Do you want to know how graphite sheets are applied on Samsung's GALAXYS24 Smart Phone? Next, let me give you a brief introduction.

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DASEN's graphite sheet is mainly used on the motherboard and battery of Samsung Galaxy S24 series phones, which can help the phone cool down quickly, improve the performance and service life of the phone. Over a decade, DASEN team has been providing graphite sheet materials for Samsung smartphones. 

In 2023,  DASEN team developed HTD and UHTD series graphite sheets, which have higher thermal conductivity. Samsung Galaxy S24 series phones use this high thermal conductivity graphite heat dissipation sheet, which can quickly transfer heat from the inside of the phone to the outside, effectively reducing the temperature of the phone. Moreover, the graphite sheets for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series also adopt a multi-layer stacking design, which can increase the heat dissipation area of the graphite sheets and further improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the phone. 

From the test results in the figure below, it can be seen that the thermal conductivity of HTD is improved by about 20-30% compared to the performance of conventional graphite sheets.


In addition to the graphite sheets, Samsung S24 series also uses various heat dissipation materials such as copper heat pipes, liquid cooling, and silicone thermal grease. These heat dissipation materials can work together to effectively reduce the temperature of the phone, improve its performance and service life.

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