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Flexible Graphite Foil for Cooling Flexible LCD Screens

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Heat dissipation materials have important applications in flexible LCD screens, as they generate heat during operation. If not effectively dissipated, it may affect the performance, lifespan, and reliability of the screen.

The following are some applications of heat dissipation materials in flexible LCD screens:

1. Thermal conductive layer: The heat dissipation material can act as a thermal conductive layer, quickly transferring the heat generated by the screen to the outside to reduce the temperature of the screen. This can be achieved by using thermal conductive materials such as graphite sheets, metal foil, or thermal adhesive inside or on the back of the screen.

2. Heat dissipation structure: In order to improve heat dissipation efficiency, flexible LCD screens may adopt special heat dissipation structures, such as heat fins, heat pipes, or soaking plates. These structures can increase the heat dissipation area, promote heat transfer and dissipation.

3. Heat dissipation backplane: In some cases, flexible LCD screens may be equipped with a heat dissipation backplane, which can help dissipate heat by contacting the back of the screen. The heat dissipation backplate is usually made of metal and has good thermal conductivity, which can transfer heat to the external environment.

4. Thermal management system: The entire device may be equipped with a thermal management system, including cooling fans, fins, or other cooling devices, to help control the temperature of the device. These systems can work in conjunction with flexible LCD screens to ensure that the equipment operates within the normal temperature range.

Overall, the application of heat dissipation materials is crucial for the performance and reliability of flexible LCD screens. Through effective heat dissipation design and material selection, the lifespan of the screen can be extended, display quality can be improved, and the stable operation of the equipment can be ensured.

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Dasen has a complete artificial graphite product line, which can effectively solve the heat dissipation needs of different electronic products with general performance, high performance, and UTS overlay products. For the application field of large screen flexible LCD screens, the Dasen team has proposed a more lightweight, low-cost, and flexible heat dissipation solution through thermal simulation experiments. In response to the high thermal conductivity and wide width graphite heat dissipation needs of advertising screens, ultra large flexible screens, and LCD televisions, Dasen's ultra wide graphite heat dissipation has met the conditions for mass production, and can produce ultra flexible graphite sheets with a thickness of 40um~70um and a width up to 500mm.

Dasen was founded in 2011, mainly engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of thermal conductive graphite films. Dasen thermal conductive graphite sheets have a wide range of applications in smart phones, LCD TVs, and ultra-thin PCs. In the 5G era, they have become an important choice for heat dissipation materials by leveraging their advantages. As a strategic partner of Samsung, Dasen has been committed to providing graphite cooling solutions to support Samsung. Starting from the 2012 Samsung Galaxy A3 model to the Galaxy S22 model, including the current foldable screen phone Galaxy Z Fold, Dasen has been a major strategic partner providing graphite cooling solutions to Samsung.

Dasen has been developing high-performance graphite heat dissipation films. If you need heat dissipation materials or solutions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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