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Flexible Graphite Foils For Semiconductor Manufacturing

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Many processes in semiconductor manufacturing are carried out at very high temperatures and very corrosive environments, and the process must be operated in a high-temperature, clean and dust-free environment. High purity graphite has high temperature resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and stable chemical properties, which makes it a key material in semiconductor manufacturing.

Flexible graphite foils, made from naturally expanded graphite, are used in semiconductor applications to improve system and process performance, minimize energy consumption and ensure reliability.


Flexible graphite foil, due to its extraordinary performance, can be used in inert gas atmospheres or vacuum environments with temperatures up to 3000 ℃.

The excellent thermal and electrical conductivity makes it suitable for a wide range of components such as insulation cartridges, insulation materials, flexible layers, sealing materials, etc. in semiconductor production equipment. Flexible graphite foils can be customized according to customer requirements.


1. The application of natural graphite in wafer growth

Natural graphite has a microcrystalline structure and excellent thermal conductivity, so it can be used as a good heat transfer medium during the wafer growth process, avoiding problems such as cracks caused by excessive wafer heating and thermal stress. At the same time, natural graphite can be modified on its surface by ultraviolet irradiation and other methods, to prevent cracks and other defects from occurring during the wafer growth process.

2. The application of natural graphite in semiconductor thermal management

During the operation of semiconductor devices, a certain amount of heat is generated due to power and other issues. If these heat cannot be removed in a timely and effective manner, it will have adverse effects on the device and its surrounding environment. Natural graphite, as an excellent thermal conductive material, can form a thermal channel around semiconductor chips, effectively transferring the heat generated by the chips in a timely manner, ensuring the normal use of the chips.

3. The application of natural graphite in semiconductor packaging

The purpose of semiconductor device packaging is to protect devices from environmental impact and mechanical damage. Natural graphite is widely used in semiconductor packaging, and through its conductivity and chemical stability, high-performance packaging materials can be prepared. In addition, the natural graphite crystal structure has excellent strength and rigidity, which can enhance the performance of packaging materials, improve their reliability and long-term durability.

In summary, natural graphite has a wide range of applications in the semiconductor field, involving various aspects such as wafer growth, thermal management, and packaging, thanks to its excellent conductivity, thermal conductivity, and chemical stability. In the future, with the continuous development of semiconductor technology and application fields, the application prospects of natural graphite will still be very broad.



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