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Graphite Sheet Used for Wearable Products

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Heat therapy is an important branch of the rehabilitation, medical, and nursing industries, which transfers heat to the body through various heat sources as mediators to achieve therapeutic goals. Scientific research has found that infrared radiation, especially 

7-14 μ The far infrared radiation of m has strong permeability, significant temperature control effect, and resonance effect.

Now the application of graphite sheets in knee pads mainly utilizes their heating function. Graphite heating pads are commonly used in functional waist and knee protection. For example, graphite heating knee pads are equipped with graphite heating films. After heating, graphite will release far-infrared light waves, which are easily absorbed by the human body and have relatively discrete spectra. So on the surface, it feels warm and the local energy metabolism rate will be higher than the surrounding area, which can accelerate the blood circulation on the body surface and achieve therapeutic effects.


At present, graphite care wearable products on the market include: graphite intelligent electric waist protection, graphite intelligent electric knee protection, graphite intelligent electric neck protection, graphite intelligent clothing, graphite intelligent rehabilitation therapy equipment, postoperative rehabilitation and rheumatic auxiliary treatment patches, etc.


1: The far-infrared radiation generated by graphite is close to 7-14μ The far infrared radiation of m can act on the treated area through clothing, which is easily absorbed by the human body and converted into internal energy. It can transfer infrared thermal energy to the deeper parts of the human body's subcutaneous tissue, causing the temperature to rise from the deeper layers and the resulting warmth to dissipate from the inside out. This intensity of action dilates capillaries, promotes blood circulation, strengthens metabolism between tissues, reduces pain, increases muscle relaxation, and produces massage effects.

2: The graphite rehabilitation medical product developed based on Dasen graphite material and combined with other electric heating materials and intelligent control technology has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection, fast heating speed, warmth and comfort, and convenient use.

3: Graphite sheets are horizontally thermally conductive, and heat can evenly spread to the body parts of the wearer, without causing local overheating and skin burns. By combining with graphite electric heating materials, better constant temperature insulation and thermal therapy effects can be achieved. And it ensures that under long-term working conditions, heat will not be transmitted inside the equipment, affecting the service life of the nursing hyperthermia equipment.

4: Artificial graphite sheets can be die-cut into various shapes to meet the internal shape requirements of thermal therapy equipment. At the same time, due to the flexibility and bending resistance of graphite sheets, they can provide certain protection for graphite electric heating materials by adhering to the surface of graphite.

5: The specific applications and effects may vary depending on the design and materials of the product. If you have more questions about specific wearable products or the application of graphite sheets, please feel free to consult Dasen.

leg pad 1

Graphite film for heat dissipation has excellent performance and can be combined with various materials to play a heat dissipation role, such as metal, self-adhesive, plastic and other materials. At the same time, it has low thermal resistance, light weight, and high thermal conductivity. In the 5G era, graphite films have been well developed, meeting the growing demand for industrial heat dissipation through thermal management solutions, and providing new thermal management solutions for the electronics industry. With continuous technological innovation, thermal conductive graphite sheets will exhibit increasingly excellent thermal conductivity and be developed for a wider range of applications.

Graphite film is widely used in smartphones, PDPs, LCD TVs, PCs, Flat Panel Display, MPUs, Projectors, Power Supply, LEDs, MIDs, and mobile power supplies; DVD; Digital camera; Computers and peripheral devices; Hydrogen fuel cell; Flexible battery panel; Sensors; Semiconductor production equipment; Fiber optic communication equipment and other products.



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