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Tablets and Ultra books

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The demand for high-performance heat spreaders becomes more urgent as the tablets and Ultra books become thinner and lighter. The thermal processor needs cooling, and the shell’s hot spot must be eliminated. All these must be done by thin and efficient heat-transfer products. With the widest range of ultra-high performance pyrolytic graphite sheets, Dasen have the suitable thermal solutions to meet the performance needs of the industry.



Description of the test situation:

The temperature in the laboratory is 25.6C without convective wind direction. Arrange 2 tablet computers respectively. The models are set in the same way. The same model is tested. Turn on the wireless connection and download the online game. Contrast, maximum volume After the test installation is completed, the two machines start the game at the same time. The tablet is placed on the stand, and two engineers play the game. The thermal imager is used to measure the temperature change of the motherboard core and rear shell every 10 minutes. Measure 3 times and complete data entry.


Description of the test situation:

The heat dissipation film with high thermal conductivity stone is far superior to the traditional heat conduction material. The above observation process and data show that the temperature difference is close to 10 degrees when the heat dissipation material before use is compared with the stone egg heat dissipation film that has been applied. This feeling is very important for customers


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