Characteristics and application of thermal conductive gel
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The thermal conductive gel is a paste filling material made of silicone resin and filled with heat conductive fillers and adhesive materials in a certain proportion. The paste is filled with special process. It is solidified into high performance elastomer according to the mixture of 1:1 (mass ratio). It has the most excellent structural applicability and surface coating characteristics of the structure. The thermal conductive gel has some advantages such as thermal conductive gaskets and thermal conductive silicone grease, which makes up for the weakness of the two and is especially suitable for space constrained heat conduction requirements.

Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Excellent thermal conductivity. The thermal conductive gel is more flexible and has better surface affinity than the thermal pad. It can be compressed to a very small thickness, the thinnest to 0.1mm, and the heat transfer efficiency is significantly improved. At this time, the thermal resistance can be in the range of 0.08 ℃ · in2 / W - 0.3 ℃ · in2 / W, which can achieve the performance of part of silicone grease. It not only provides a high guarantee of heat dissipation coefficient for electronic products, but also plays a guarantee role for the stability of electronic products (especially products requiring high heat dissipation) in the use process, and improves the service performance and service life of the products;


2. It has excellent electrical performance, aging resistance, cold and hot alternating performance (can work for a long time at - 50 ~ 200 ), electrical insulation performance, shockproof, vibration absorption and stability, which increases the safety factor of electronic products in the use process;


3. Meet a variety of applications. It has no sensitivity to thickness, has good adaptability in the process of equipment assembly, and is compatible with the influence of relevant devices or structural parts on dimensional tolerance. It can provide good contact between heating surface and cooling surface under low pressure or no pressure state.


4. Continuous operation advantages. Thermal conductive gel is easy to operate, manual sizing and mechanical sizing. The common continuous use mode is mechanical dispensing, which can realize fixed-point and quantitative control, meet any working environment and working conditions, save labor and improve production efficiency.

Application fields:


Mobile communication terminal, computer chip heat dissipation, LED lamp bead chip heat dissipation, high performance server, communication system equipment. Thermal conductive gel can also be applied to mobile phone processors. The heat conductive gel heat sink is used on the mobile phone processor, so that the contact effect is better than that of graphite heat dissipation film, and the heat conduction will be more rapid.