Thermal Grease

As a heat transfer medium, TG series thermal silicone grease not only has excellent thermal conductivity, good lubricity, and electrical insulation, but also has good resistance for high and low temperature, low consistency and good construction performance, which can fill the gap perfectly. This product is based on polysiloxane, supplemented by high thermal conductivity filler, non-toxic, odorless and non-corrosive, in accordance with ROHS instructions, safe and environmental protection, chemical and physical stability.
TG series silicone thermal grease has good thermal conductivity, very low contact thermal resistance, can better transfer heat, thoroughly wet the contact surface, and improve the heat dissipation effect.

Product Description


It can be filled between the electronic components and the radiator to wet the contact surface sufficiently, thus forming a very low thermal resistance surface.

Its heat dissipation efficiency is much better than other kinds of heat dissipation products. 

Generally used in computer processors CPU, graphics card GPU, radiator, heat dissipation module, LED TV, power UPS, power tube, frequency converter, LED lighting, chips and chipsets and other objects that need heat dissipation or small gap sealing components.


Color / White Gray Visual
Thermal impedance@50PSI ℃in2/W 0.02 0.015 ASTM D5470
Thermal conductivity W/mk 2.0 3.5 ASTM D5470
Volume resistivity MΩm ≧9.0 x1013 ≧8.0 x1013 ASTM D257
Breakdown voltage KV/mm ≧10 ≧10 ASTM D149
Dielectric constant @1KHz / 6.5 5.7 ASTM D150
Specific gravity g/cm3 2.4 2.8 ASTM D792
Viscosity@25℃ CPS 2.5 x105 5.0 x105 ASTM D374
Working Temperature -50~200 -50~200 ***
Shelf life@25℃ Month 24 24 ***
Storage temperature <25 <25 ***

Packing: 1kg/tank or customized. Stratification is normal phenomenon. 

Mix well before use.